Project's name

École primaire Armand-Lavergne

VSport 550 HD

Here are some interesting facts about the project

Square footage:


square foot

Facility type:

Multi-purpose gymnasium

Product used:

VSport 550 HD

Here's a quick overview

Very complexe renovation on a concrete slab damaged by cracks. With it's unique design, this hexagon-shaped gymnasium is covered with VSPORT 550 HD, the most efficient product in its category.
  • Unique hexagonal-shaped installation that blends perfectly with the environment.
  • Moistureguard Membrane allowing uncoupling the sports floor coverings and protecting it against any future damage to the concrete slab.
  • Detailed custom specs with various design options, which means that the client can explore all the possibilities offered to make it a great investment.
  • Strengthening and leveling the existing surface meaning the new vinyl flooring system will perform as it should for many years to come.
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