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Systems designed in Canada

Funktion combines long-term expertise, clear knowledge of the market and quality relationships with manufacturers with over 20 years of experience minimum. We have made the choice to establish our network across North America only in order to offer a personalized approach based on the needs and values ​​of our people.

our products

Safety - Fun - Performance

We offer a full range of synthetic sports flooring through VSport brand and we partner with teams of certified installers across North America who have a good knowledge of our products and sports flooring requirements. We provide various vinyl flooring options and a unique expertise to your sports facility to make sure each project is successful, no matter if it’s a gym, tennis court, running track, recreational center, cafeteria or any other commercial project.


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Available in a wide variety of colors and thicknesses, VSport vinyl surfaces offer superior indentation resistance and easy maintenance with its innovative finish PUR+ polyurethane. Our product meets the North American ASTM F2772 standards which refers to shock absorption, vertical deformation, sliding effect and ball rebound.

our mission

We believe in the importance of every link in the chain to satisfy our customers

By being mindful of our product’s performances, we rely on superior quality coatings that respect the safety and comfort of users in a sustainable manner. The design and manufacturing criteria for our products are established in Canada according to Funktion’s guidelines in partnership with a trusted international vinyl sports floor manufacturer with over 20 years of experience.

We believe in the importance of every link in the chain to satisfy our customers, which is why everything from design to installation, manufacturing and quality control is of utmost importance.

Funktion quality

For the North American market

Our expertise is based on knowledge of the North American market above all. We know that customers are looking for a quality product that will lead to the best user’s experience possible. With VSport, we are setting new standards by focusing on the safety of the surfaces we offer, the durability of systems and ease of maintenance for surfaces that will keep their performance properties longer.

our Warranty

15 years wear layer warranty

All Funktion products are subject to quality control through approved tests and we make a point of inspecting each batch before delivery and installation.


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We are committed to building sports surfaces that will meet market standards and help you start on a solid basis.

Jamie Marois
Founder, MSS Sports

We build gymnasium sports floors, running tracks, playgrounds, pickleball and tennis courts, maintenance and repairs, and much more.

Devan Wray
Founder, Caliber Sport Systems
Trusted by our dealers across Canada