October 6, 2021
6 mins

3 steps before buying a sports flooring system

There is an ideal sports flooring system for every situation.

Some options will be more versatile while others will be more focused on either:

  • high performance
  • ease of maintenance or
  • increased security to name a few

Let’s take a look at 3 important steps that will help you choose the right surface for your needs.

1- Determine the intended use for your future floor system

When choosing any floor system, the right performance criteria for its intended use is primordial and the first step in making sure you choose a product that matches your needs is to determine its use.

How do you determine this?

Here are some lines of thought:

  • What kind of activities will take place on the floor?
  • Will there be furniture, stages, bleachers, or other type of heavy weights that will need to be moved on the surface?
  • How much traffic there will be on the surface, or how many people will use it every year?

Once you’ve thought those through, you will start eliminating some options. For example, if the activities to take place on the floor are attended for elementary school children and the budget is an important consideration, there is no need to invest in a hardwood maple flooring system that will cost much more than a high-quality sports vinyl surface with polyurethane topcoat.

Good sports vinyl products offer durability, longevity, color customization, and ease of maintenance.

If your environment has high traffic or is to be used by people who need more comfort such as in a hotel or senior’s residence, the system’s choice will be different than in a professional’s tennis court for example.

2- Examine the existing floor condition

If renovating an existing facility, it is of utmost importance to examine the floor and subfloor condition.

Sometimes, the existing floor may only need a makeover and it is not necessary to rebuild everything, but if the previous floor is either too old, poorly maintained or wasn’t built according to sports flooring standard such as ASTM F2772, it may require to be completely rebuilt.

If that is the case, the existing subfloor condition (concrete most of the time) should be carefully examined and repaired before installing the new system.

When working with a professional contractor, they will also guide you through this step and will consider other installation parameters such as space access, humidity level inside the building, etc.

3- Choose a dealer contractor and discuss those matters

After determining the floor’s intended use and examining the existing floor, you may still find yourself lost in the multitude of system choices available and we haven’t even spoken about colors, game lines and accessories!

Specialized contractors and architects can help you narrow down the options and choose the one that best fits your installation needs. They can then recommend the optimal flooring system based on its performance criteria, comfort, safety and durability. You can also benefit from an installation guarantee and maintenance plan that ensures you will enjoy your system for many years to come!

Choosing a contractor

Make sure you choose a contractor with great experience in sports flooring systems and reliable reference. You can contact your Funktion sales representative by phone or email or find a dealer here.

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