October 6, 2021
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Architects! Here’s how to compare flooring systems between different manufacturers

You have been hired for a new project involving sports flooring and you need to give your customers the best option for them?

First of all, it is really important to understand that above the textures and colors available on the market for sports flooring systems, you have to consider the ability of the product to meet the performance criteria standards as well as safety and the product’s warranty in order to offer options that will meet your client’s budget and area’s intended use.

Budget is not the only thing to consider. Some options may seem more economical at first but could result in higher maintenance costs or short-term refurbishing.

Sports flooring industry standards

The ASTM F2772 standard will guide you through the sports characteristics [...]

Not all manufacturers offer the same quality. Comparing test results based on ASTM standards for each product is important. The ASTM F2772 standard will guide you through the sports characteristics of each floor such as shock absorption, ball rebound, sliding effect and vertical deformation, while the results of ASTM F970 test method on vinyl sports floors will help you choose a system with higher indentation and static load resistance.

Manufacturers can provide you with all product fact sheets as well as samples to help you analyze the characteristics and compare the options so you can determine the best system for the project’s requirements. You also have to examine the existing floor condition as well as all other installation parameters such as building’s humidity, space access and foot traffic before recommending a system and submitting a quote as those can really affect the budget.

Choose a trusted partner

Beyond the technical characteristics of the product, the choice of the manufacturer also depends on the trust and the relationship that you develop with your representative. The realization of a sports floor is a large-scale project and a long-term investment, which will also require a lot of time and you certainly don’t want to get involved in a project you will not enjoy.

Dealing with a trusted contractor in your area can greatly simplify the step of selecting the best sports flooring system for you and your client as he will have the experience and knowledge you may need for a successful project. He can compare the products available for you and make his own recommendations.

Choosing a contrator

Make sure you choose a contractor with great experience in sports flooring systems and reliable reference. You can contact your Funktion sales representative by phone or email or find a dealer here.

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